The Shared Leadership Meeting Pulse


 In case you have a team-meeting coming, here’s a tip for strengthening shared leadership; Do The Meeting Pulse!

1. Take 10-12 minutes at the end of the meeting and show the others a slide with three questions:

Q 1: Was this a good meeting? Did you gain or lose energy?

Q 2: What can you do yourself to get more out the next meeting and for helping us – your colleagues – do the same?

Q 3: What are your tips for me and for us as a team for running a better meeting next time?

2. Instruct everyone to write down a top-of-mind response in 3 (!) minutes on a piece of paper

3. Read the answers out loud, anonymously and without commenting

4. If you have time, allow 2-3 comments from the team on the answers

5. …OR, just thank everyone for the good comments and suggest you all do what you can for an even better meeting next time!

Purpose of this activity? – to get better dialogue and quality in meetings – to give everyone a learning experience making them realise that the running a good meeting is a team effort – to trigger or stregthen the need to move from instructive- to share leadership


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Bo-Magnus Salenius

Bo-Magnus Salenius