On Shared Leadership




You can’t give people motivation. People need to motivate themselves. Engagement is Passion. To engage, a person needs vision, to ‘see’ something s(he) then wants to create. You can’t give people vision, and you might be standing in their way of seeing ahead themselves. People do what they believe, and believe what they discover.

As a leader, it is your privilege and duty to stop the ‘program from running’ and ask the compelling questions that trigger people to discover the new.

As a leader, together with your people, you can build a new work environment. A culture which supports discovery and builds the capacity for learning and personal development of expertise.

As a leader, you need to ‘talk the walk’. Tell us how far we have come and remind us about where we are heading.

Shared leadership is a changing set of shared action for ‘seeing’ and making sense.

Leadership is not about you. But without you there is no leadership.



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Bo-Magnus Salenius

Bo-Magnus Salenius