To wait or to start walking?


On a small scale, we have all had that moment of waiting for the bus to come or a friend to arrive at the agreed meeting-spot. When nothing happens, doubt and agony arrives; how long should I wait? Should I do something (different) now or continue waiting? Seemingly less acute, yet far more consequential and meaningful, is the waiting that currently goes on in working life. Work is changing, as are the demands on me and my way of working. Whole industries of people in workplaces, e.g. news-media, are holding their breath; is there a future for us, for what we know and like and are masters at doing? Waiting for the solution, ‘the New’, to be delivered to us goes on. From a professional capacity- and-competence-point-of-view, the waiting is disastrous as it is killing what I know, making it obsolete, by the minute. I need to start walking, to explore and collect new things to know.


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Bo-Magnus Salenius

Bo-Magnus Salenius